Learning charter and legal liabilities

"Parental Burnout": Diagnostic and Treatment

At the end of this online training, participants will be able to diagnose parental burnout, proceed with a differential diagnosis of depression and postnatal depression, understand the etiology and consequences of parental burnout, and offer quality support to parents that enables them to restore the balance between the stressors and resources associated with their parental role.


The training videos (eight hours in total) and materials are available for a maximum period of 90 days from the day that the participant signs up for the training. Once this period has elapsed or once the participant has passed the certification assessment in Module 2, they will no longer be able to access the training.

This training is certified by the Training Institute for Psychology & Health (TIPH) (Profs. Mikolajczak & Roskam). It requires a major investment of time and effort from the professionals who sign up. Certified professionals may be listed on the websites www.burnoutparental.com and https://www.tipsychologyhealth.com/en/in order to facilitate networking (between professionals) and to make it easier for parents in need of help to find competent professionals.


Given the issues relating to listing professionals, we have developed a strict assessment. The certification will only be issued to participants who have acquired the knowledge set out in the different training topics. To do this, each training section includes a test. Participants must pass the test to access the next stage of training. Each module ends with a certification assessment. Each test or assessment must be passed with a certain minimum number of correct answers. For each test or assessment, the participant is given the maximum number of attempts. After three failed attempts on the first test, for which the passing score is 75%, the participant must attempt a second version of the test for which the passing score is 80%, and will be given two new attempts. Only participants who have passed all of the assessments will be certified.


If the participant fails the first version of a test after three attempts and the second version of the test after two attempts, they will be blocked from progressing and should request a 30-minute online coaching session with Professors Roskam and Mikolajczak. This coaching aims to confirm the participant's motivation and identify the difficulties they are having, in order to help them continue their training under better conditions. The coaching requires a purchase of credits (€49 plus VAT). You can purchase these at any time via the training menu. Once the coaching has been completed, access to the training is reopened (the participant resumes the training at the point where they had failed).

Participants can request a one-hour online clinical supervision with Professor Moïra Mikolajczak or Professor Isabelle Roskam. These clinical supervisions allow professionals in training to discuss their practice, cases, or clinical situations they are facing, or to address professional development issues. These supervisions are subject to the purchase of 3 credits via the training menu.


Follow-on training sessions are scheduled annually or biannually in the form of one or more capsule videos. The follow-on training is based on the findings of the most recent research. It allows professionals to stay up to date on their knowledge in the field of parental burnout. Each certified professional will be personally notified of any updates.

Each user agrees not to distribute, reproduce or use the content of this training in any form whatsoever, and not to make commercial use of it without prior consent from the authors.  

As the course includes videos, a good-quality Wi-Fi connection is required to follow the training.


Legal liabilities


The TIPH declines all responsibility for the implementation of the training contents and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for any failure in the application of the contents or for any therapeutic failure more broadly.

TIPH only provides online training content and certifies and references professionals who have successfully completed the training course and passed the assessments. TIPH is not responsible for verifying the information provided by participants regarding their previous training and credentials. 

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